Monday, March 4, 2013

Pearls, Embroidery & Sequins

Brittney stopped by on her way home from work on Friday and we spent some time moving the center front of the bodice around under the lace trying to figure out what looked best.  Tentatively this is what was decided but as you can see I have not yet cut it out. 
Look at the detail this fabric is more beautiful than words can describe.
Less exciting is the lining which it made with two layers one of feather weight silk and the other a light weight silk organza, you can see the layers on the left in the photo.  I basted them together with purple thread so that they wouldn't slip around when I was sewing.

These pins are very fine just for silk fabric.
Close up of silk organza and silk basted with purple stitches.

Boning channels pinned in place.

WOO HOO the front lining is finished!


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