Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Moment of TRUTH

Even the back of the fabric is beautiful! 

The muslin dress is a thing of the past.  Today I cut out the French lace and silk.

What a treat to be able to borrow the large cutting table at Les Fabriques.  I was nervous cutting out the lace panels but I got plenty of support.  The first cut was difficult but as I went along it got easier and easier.  I had to cut through sequins, bead, embroidery and pearls which freaked me out a little. 
The first piece was the entire from I removed the princess seam on the front so that it would be seamless.  It was important to match up not only the scallop around the bottom edge but also the border print and the trellis.  I pinned the front and back on the dressform to see how it looked.
Front of dress,
This is the front of the dress pinned on the form.  The front of the skirt falls right on the top of the toes.  On the sides where it touches the floor you can see how the train is starting to form.
Back of dress
When I made the final cut and put them side by side the back matched perfectly!  I looked at Carla, who was helping me and she said "I think I'm going to cry...it is so beautiful." 
Several people in the store came by to admire the beautiful lace.  What a great day!
100% Silk for the underskirt
By the time I got to the silk underskirt I felt like an old pro.  This is the softest fabric that I have ever worked on.

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! It is Perfect. And you're going to be the best mother-in-law ever; what a lucky bride!