Friday, February 8, 2013

Lost in My Sewing Room

I am writing about the lie I told you last time...about more frequent posting.  I have a lot on my plate but I admit I could try a bit harder.

To begin with I need MORE room!  My sewing room is 11’x10’ and my sewing table is 4’ x 4’ plus I have a desk, ironing board and dressform all crammed in this little space.  I want people to come to see her dress so I am pushing hard for more space.  My upstairs is unfinished and it would be the perfect place to set up my sewing machine HOWEVER everything that was packed in the closets is sitting in the middle of the floor…it’s only been 30 years.  We are going to work on it this weekend so maybe by next time I write I will have more space.
Last Sunday Brittney and her friends Stacey and Krysta came by and she tried the skirt part of the wedding dress on.  I'm always excited to see the dress come to life.  If the part I have been working on fits perfectly my heart sings.  If no then I jot down little things that need to be tweaked.

The skirt has seven panels…fitted at the top and then flaring out in a full skirt more than 6 feet around.  Wearing her pretty coral heels the underskirt was the perfect length just above the toes.

As always with a fitting we had to try on the sash, and lay the lace over the fabric and then stand back and admire how beautiful Brittney will look on the big day.  Brittney was happy, I was happy, her friends were happy and life is good.
On Monday I put the overskirt together with some yard sale lace just to get an idea of what it would look like.  It is shaped differently than the underskirt as it has a bit of a train and it is a tad longer in the front.  I thought that this would be the most complicated part of the dress but it wasn’t and it went together in about an hour.  These panels are the same shape as the underskirt but as they move around to the back they lengthen.

We tried the lace on over the underskirt but it kept getting underfoot so we re-thought the skirt length and decided to shorten the lace so that it was just off the floor but keep the train length as is.  You are probably wondering about the lace on the floor or hayfield.  I was too so I talked to my friend Carla and she suggested that I put an organza lining around the bottom that can be removed after the wedding...And that is exactly what I shall do.
What did I learn this week? 
I learned that we are going to have an unusually warm April.  The long range forecast for April 20th 2013 is high 70 low 50...sounds like a beautiful day!

Jon and Brittney in the Hayfield

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  1. It's looking like a Wedding Dress! Karen, it's Beautiful! You are the Most Talented! Lucky Lucky Brittney!