Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Carla I need some help"

After a cup of tea I started working on the dress this morning at 11:00.  I laid the fabric out on the table, smoothed all the wrinkles out, lined up the scalloped edges and pinned on the first pattern piece.  I picked up the scissors, got ready to cut and then the phone rang. 

When I walked back in the sewing room I came up with a totally different way of laying the pattern pieces out. 

So I re-folded the fabric, re-pinned the edges, and pinned on the pattern.  Hmmm I thought to myself, maybe I like the first way better.  I wrote to Ingrid my friend in Texas to see what she thought.  We sent about a dozen emails and I walked back in my sewing room...yes, I do like it the first way I had it pinned.  So I re-folded-pinned and got ready to make a cut. 

While I was pinning it back on I thought "what would happen if I pinned the front pieces together and eliminated the princess line that way there would be no seams and no matching."  I pinned the seams of the pattern together and laid it out "this might just work."  Whew am I glad that I didn't already cut it out this new method might be awesome.

Four hours later I am still standing in front of the fabric moving it one way and then the other trying to get it laid out perfectly, I still hadn't made a cut.

Cameron walked past the sewing room and saw me staring at the fabric.  He offered me some words of advice "you think too much.

"Thanks Cameron!"

I called my friend Carla at Les Fabriques my favorite fabric store.

"Carla, I have been standing her looking at this lace fabric for 4 1/2 hours and I am driving myself nuts, could I come to the shop for some advice" I asked.

"Sure come tomorrow at 11:00 and we'll figure it out," she told me. 
So tomorrow I am heading into town to cut out the skirt.  Today I learned that:

1. Cameron was right and I am probably overthinking
2. When stuck in a rut call an expert. 
3. It never fails that acts of kindness come when you least expect them but need them the most.  Thanks Button!

 The End but stay tuned.

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