Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine & Dress Length


Happy Belated Valentines Day! 

I haven't gotten a handmade Valentine since Jon was a little boy.  This particular was from my husband Cameron.  I was tickled to find it taped on the bathroom mirror. Actually at the bottom of my Valentine it said "and I let the cat out."  Ahhhh LOVE!

I'm drinking a cup of coffee preparing to start my day sewing.  I learned the hard way not to take anything other than water into my sewing room...thankfully not this wedding dress. 

I have been trying to adjust my dress form so that it is the same height as Brittney.  With her shoes on Brittney shoulders are much higher than the form.  So we raised the form as high as it would go and then Cameron and I cut out blocks to raise the form so that it is the proper height. 

We were quite the pair laying on the floor measuring the skirt to make sure that it was perfect because with this fabric the length can't be changed if it is too long or too short...there is a scallop on the edge.

The skirt has to be 2 1/2" off of the floor.  I am going
to cover the blocks with little 'block pillowcases.'

Sadly I didn't figure out how to lock the wheels so that it wouldn't fall off the blocks until it took a topple...we caught it just in time.

The cutting tables will be free at Les Fabriques the fabric store that we bought this fabric from so I will carry the lace and the silk to the store for the final cutting.  This week they are sponsoring a after school program and using the tables so I am a little behind the schedule I set for myself but I'll make it up.

While we lowered the neckline 1" last week, I am going to make it even a little lower because the lace is going to fill the neck line in considerably.

And with that I am off for the day...with a bottle of water of course.

Yesterday I learned... to lock the wheels if you're going to raise the dress from on blocks.  I was able to do it which is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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