Saturday, March 9, 2013

It was bound to happen

I wasn't going to share this because it will only further prove that I am an idiot.  
Everyone knows that I am a slow poke and that I over-think everything. I was full of confidence because I had enlisted help from my friend Carla and we check and rechecked everything.  So I laid out the front and cut out all the pieces.  I stepped back to admire the design and there it was...a glaring mistake.  Look at the motif at the middle of the front.

Now look at the side.  See it?  The ram horn is on the top.  I cut the side out upside down.  How could this happen? 

My first impulse was to cry.  Then I decided to dig out the narrow scraps of  leftover lace to see if I could find two other pieces to use. This is why I hang on to scraps...mistakes will always be made, it is the nature of sewing especially when it comes to one way designs, stripes, plaid and naps.  But what I found was two even better pieces!

Now there is no motif on the side so the main focus will be on front center panel and I like it!

I pinned the silk satin and lace and sewed the front seam with silk thread.
Does the front turn out? 
Stay tuned for more adventures of Brittney wedding dress. 


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