Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring? What happened?

Today it was nice and sunny and warm enough that my bees ventured out of their hive.  Somewhere they are finding enough pollen to load up the little saddle bags by their hind legs and bring it back to their hive.  

The bees have a flight path where they fly in to and out of their hive.  When the sun begins to set and there is a little chill in the air they all head back to the hive and one by one they file back in the opening to their queen Beatrice.  This evening I stood there for a few minutes and just marveled at all the activity...happy that Spring is upon us.

However after an entire day of lovely weather I just heard the weather forecast…MORE snow.  Then MORE snow on Monday, and MORE snow on Tuesday.  It won’t be much BUT it certainly won’t be Spring and the bees will have to hang out in the hive for a few more days and I will have to hang out in the house.  The bees and I all want to go out and bask in the sunshine.

The good news is that I have started on the silk under-skirt this afternoon.  I’ll take some photos tomorrow.  Just want to keep you up on the latest.

So goodnight to my friends in the West and Good Morning to my friends in Virginia. One day has passed and April 20th is drawing near.

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  1. sorry about the snow, but that means the closet gets done! The dress is so pretty, you're doing a fabulous job!