Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It Was Just One of Those Days

Weather forecaster: There will be snow tomorrow
Karen to self: Awesome
Weather forecaster: we may have as much as 7 to 10 inches
Karen to self: YIPPEE I am going to sew ALL day

2:00 in the morning the power goes off.
5:00 get up to see if power is still off.  It is...back to bed.
8:00 no power decide to sleep in and give the power company a second chance.
9:30 no power, the house is cold, I can't find my slippers and there is no water.

I call the power company "all circuits are busy, try again later" then look out the window at what was supposed to be a beautiful snowy landscape...the tractor has been squashed my a tree.  Another tree is down just missed the truck.

There is nothing to do.  The wedding dress is laying out in pieces on the cutting table.  The sewing machine is threaded with silk.  Everything is ready to go but there is no power.  I turn out the lights and pull the curtain across the door.

Karen to self: Why did I pray for snow?  What was I thinking?  Maybe I will pray for long lasting batteries and restored power.

YIPPEE is 10:30 and the power just came back on!  Maybe tomorrow.

It was just one of those days!

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