Friday, March 22, 2013

Glass Buttons & Other Closures


When I was in the 4th grade my mother made me a green plaid dress and she let me pick out the buttons that went down the back.  I chose some rather large clear glass buttons about the size of a nickle and kind of thick. They had a cut design in them and I thought they sparkled like diamonds.

My mother sewed them on the dress and I wore it to school on my first day.  I knew that everyone would love my glass buttons after all they sparkled.

I made friends quickly and during recess I was invited to play jump rope.  Two girls held the rope ends and I began to jump.  I jumped and jumped and no matter how fast or slow they turned the rope I didn't miss a step.  About a minute into my jump one of the glass buttons 'popped' off the back of my dress and landed on the ground.  I leaned over to pick it up and two more fell off.  I scooped them up and embarrassed ran to find my teacher.

Miss Connelly was not in the classroom because it was recess so  I headed to the office and 'pop' another one fell off.  I ran to the school nurse in tears with my handful of sparkling diamond buttons.  She was very kind and wiped away my tears.  She decided that although Mom had securely sewn on the buttons, the movement of my jumping caused the glass buttons to sheer off the thread.

I'm not sure what happened after that but it was memorable as I am writing this down more than 50 years later.

So anyway now you'll see how this story fits into the next step of Brittney's Wedding Dress.

Late last night I started thinking about how to fasten the dress at the top of the back. For those of you just tuning in...this dress is being made up as I go along there are no instructions so here we go.

Today I am going to work the closure at the nape of the neck. The entire bodice sort of depends on this point to stay secure and as I have just told you my little story you can be sure that it will be super secure..

Here are a couple of ideas that I have for the top closure.

1.  I bought some spaghetti strap and I am going to make some loops that I would use in combination with silk buttons.  This might look awesome but the strapping is thick so I'm not sure.

2.  Hooks are also a possibility since I don't want to interrupt the line of the lace and they would be invisible but I don't want to worry about Brittney putting her shoulders back and her dress unfastens.

3.  Last night in the wee hours I crocheted with very very fine thread a series of button loops that I could use with the button AND hooks.

4.  I haven't ruled out sewing it together because there is plenty of room to slip it over her head.

I better get hoppin' because I have big plans for today.  AND tonight while I am watching TV I am going to fiddle with the closure.

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