Thursday, April 11, 2013

Half Flower Woes

I have the most beautiful tulip magnolias blooming in my front yard that I have to share them.  The tree isn't very impressive but once a year it gives me these beautiful blossoms.

On to the dress...yesterday I pinned the lace on the skirt of the dress and realized that although it matches perfectly there really was not enough circumference for the lace to lay out right.  If I pulled it together in the back then the front didn't lay right so I decided that I would sew in a wedge at the train.  In the back of my mind I sort of thought this might happened so I squirreled away a piece just large enough to complete it.  This is no biggie.

Before I can put the wedge in the back of the train I have to sew the seams which I decided to do by hand.  When I hand sew there is only one thread and that is about as invisible as I can make a seam AND that is what I am going for.

Now the problem that I ran in with this seam is that it cut through some of the larger flowers and while it barely visible it bothers me so there is what the seams looks like at the seam.  See the flower that is cut in half?  This drives me nuts!

Here's what I am doing to solve the half-flower dilemma.

I used a little scrap of lace fabric and cut out all of the flowers.  Then I used my bottle of fray check to seal all the edges so that they won't unravel.  I've laid them out to dry overnight so they'll be ready in the morning.

I've put a pin in so that you can see where the half flower is and how it will look when I sew the lace applique in place.

I have 4 seams that I need to do this to so I am going to close and hop in bed...I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow and a lot of hand sewing.

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  1. Amazing attention to detail! This is definitely going to be the best wedding dress ever. The tulip magnolia brings back memories of living in England. We had one of those trees in our garden in Ely.