Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Bell

My sewing room is about fifteen steps inside the front door.  It is a ‘door-less room.  Since I started working on Brittney’s wedding dress I sort of freak out if I glance up and see that someone has come in the house without me knowing it.  What if it’s my son Jon?  The groom.  

Sometimes when I am deep into sewing my cat Zippy sharpens her nails on the runner near the front door and it startles me.  It sounds a little bit like someone is coming in.  My other cat Finn bangs against the front door when he is trying to get it.  There are people (whose names I will not reveal) that don’t close the door tight and it will blow open...BANG!

I had gotten pretty good at flying across the room and swooping my arm across the table and sliding all the dress pieces into a box.  But now I have an entire wedding dress on my table and it is pretty much un-swoopable.

I finally attached a little bell to the front door that tinkles when it opens.  When it does, I ask “stop, who is it?”

“It’s just me again” laughs my hubbie.  I think he is messing with me. 

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