Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Journey Begins

A couple of  weeks ago I went to Les Fabriques to meet with Kimberly.  We started with the bodice front and back and the sleeve.

There were a couple of ways we had considered making the bodice but we decided that a princess line would make the bodice smoother and more fitted.  With seams on the front we will be able to add some boning for structure.

We draped and cut the front out according to Brittney’s measurements. It looked great even though it was just a pattern. What can I say...I'm a nerd.  We moved to the back and the sleeve. We marked these pieces like we did on the front.

The sleeve attaches in three places- to the front bodice, under the arms, and at the back of the neck to keep the sleeve from falling off the shoulder.

From the muslin fabric we transferred the pieces on to brown craft paper and voila we had our shapes ready to cut out and assemble.  Don't worry if this doesn't make sense right now.  It will later on.

Two hours passed quickly…she wrote instructions for me to take home.

Yesterday I used my new paper pattern to cut out all the pieces to sew together.  I used a 1” seam allowance to give myself enough fabric to make adjustments.  It went together perfectly!  It was my lucky day for sure!

Oh almost forgot to tell you my dressform arrived!!!  I've wanted one all of my life.  For $100 extra they said they would add a atomically shaped butt.  Maybe it was the end of the day and this just sounded silly that I had to laugh.  I told them to keep the butt and they said that I could add one in the future.

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